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The top 10 white wines for spring

 Clotilde Davenne Sauvignon Saint-Bris 12.5%vol, France.

 A curiosity and a tasty one, too: a sauvignon blanc from chardonnay country. The village of Saint-Bris-le-Vineaux is the only appellation in Chablis to permit the variety and Clotilde Davenne has fashioned a delightfully crisp, lean and minerally example. It cries out for a plate of seafood.

Best white wines for winter

by Jane MacQuitty

Saint-Bris Clotilde DAVENNE   Savage Selection

Saint-Bris Sauvignon is the only patch of sauvignon in a sea of chardonnay in nothern burgundy. It doesn’t alaways deliver but this one is a plum : vibrant, smoky and concentrated, with a brillant punchy verdant finish. Great with seafood.

My wines speak of their land gracefully across the fruit of each grape variety.

Signature of Clotilde

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