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Burgundy’s daughter, Clotilde DAVENNE grew up in the countryside at the foot of the Morvan.

This childhood in nature forge her sensitive approach of the world. Everything is odors, flavors, colors, in a mixture of sensations daily restarted.
The nose in the air and taste buds alert, she learns vegetable scents: lime, acacia, mint, herbs wrinkled, rosé meadows, glades humid ...
There are also those of the garden: artichokes, peas, beans she often munched on site.
Games orchard: cherries, plums, raspberries and nuts, until the return to the kitchen: jam, cheese, cakes ... olfactory Layers that are delicacy.

Later, Clotilde wants to leverage this potential sensitive: make wine, a trade. So she decides to attend oenology studies.

Young graduated, she started in the red Beaujolais, discovers the sparkling wine of California, before returning acclimate white Burgundy.

Cellar master, she practices the expression of terroir through the wine she develops since 1989.
Hundreds of well shaped vintages confirm expertise she constantly tries to perfect.

« My wines speak of their land gracefully across the fruit of each grape variety »

Les Temps Perdus

Mosaic vineyard

Les Temps Perdus vineyard was created in 1992 when Clotilde planted her first Chardonnays.

Since then, out of a passion for terroirs and life, she cultivates and takes care of her vines with the greatest attention.

The estate now has 3o hectares of small plots of vines, of different grape varieties and ages, spread over the villages of

Saint Bris, Chablis and Irancy.

This typically Burgundian mosaic allows Clotilde to devote herself entirely to the production of exceptional cuvées.

The Clotilde Davenne Vineyard and HVE 3 Certification

Nestled in the heart of the Chablis vineyard landscapes, the Clotilde Davenne Vineyard has distinguished itself through its exemplary commitment to sustainability, recognized by the Haute Valeur Environnementale level 3 (HVE 3) certification. This distinction illustrates a meticulous journey and a continuous dedication to incorporating environmentally friendly practices into every aspect of viticulture.

The fundamental pillars of HVE 3 certification at the Clotilde Davenne Vineyard include:

  1. Biodiversity Conservation: Through the preservation and promotion of biodiversity, dedicated areas for local fauna and flora coexist with the rows of vines, creating a precious ecological balance.

  2. Minimization of Inputs: Clotilde Davenne has embraced an approach that minimizes chemical inputs, thereby reducing the environmental footprint. This meticulous strategy ensures quality while reinforcing overall sustainability.

  3. Eco-Responsible Management of Water and Soil: Innovative agricultural practices are implemented to preserve water quality and soil health. Thoughtful use of natural resources aligns with a comprehensive commitment to environmental responsibility.

  4. Terroir Authenticity: The HVE 3 certification emphasizes the vineyard's dedication to preserving the unique characteristics of the Chablis and Grand Auxerrois terroir. Each grape variety resonates with the essence of the soil and climate, creating wines that faithfully reflect their origin.

In conclusion, the HVE 3 certification for the vineyard is not merely a label but the result of an ongoing commitment to environmentally friendly viticulture. It is a well-deserved recognition of the vineyard's contribution to biodiversity preservation, sustainable resource management, and the creation of exceptional wines deeply rooted in authenticity.

My wines speak of their land gracefully across the fruit of each grape variety.

Signature of Clotilde

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